Client Testimonials

John (Albany, Auckland)

"Thank you for your service and trustworthy wordings. Although I have forgotten to disclose some my medical issues, my medical claim paid off. As you said "If it is Grey we Pay" Thank you..."

Sheryl (Hibiscus Coast, Auckland)

"I am thankful that I purchased life insurance on all of my children when they were little ones. Had it not been for this foresight, I would have been in financial ruin when my oldest child committed suicide last year. Furthermore, I am thankful for the support of this industry during my unexpected situation"

Tracie (Hellensville, Auckland)

"What I appreciate most about Insurance Solutions is their proactive approach to my insurance. Each year they make sure that I am getting the best possible insurance package (good price with the most adequate cover) by providing a personalize analysis of my situation "

Wiley (Auckland City)

"Thank you Lily. It is wonderful doing business with you. You are always there when I call or need help. The clients I’ve sent to you think you’re great!!!"

Sarah (Auckland City)

"Thank you Jim for such a wonderful service. Your professionalism and good advice have saved me hundreds of dollars and even getting better cover!"

Paul (North Shore, Auckland)

"The outstanding personal service we received from Insurance Solutions and its office staff is why we remain loyal commercial customers".

"My name is Graham Harfield and I’d like to write this testimonial on behalf of Lily. On December 25th I managed to dislocate my Knee, I was told by the doctor I could not go back to work until its healed, It is now May 16th and im still signed off work as my leg muscles are not functioning properly which causes severe leg spasms. As lily is my Insurance Advisor I gave her a call 2 weeks into my injury, she discussed my options over the phone and came round to my home to fill in all the required forms with me promptly. I have 3 policies through Lily and Partnerslife Insurance, she has helped and guided me through each monthly claim, and provided me with the agreed insurance values on every claim to date. Lily has been amazing throughout the entire journey, I don’t know what I’d of done without her, I would strongly recommend Lily to others who need good advise and very good coverage with an amazing customer service! If anyone wishes to contact me as a reference my cell phone number is 0274284770."

Graham (Gulf Harbour, Auckland)

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