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100% Trust

  • At Insurance Solutions, we work for you and by your side. 
  • We will analyse your situation as if it were one of our most beloved people. 
  • We will design a plan to protect the people and things you love most in life: Your Family, your Health, your Assets, and your Business.

100% Support

  • If bad times come, we will be by your side more than ever, and we will be your advocator in the whole claiming process to insurance companies. 
  • You are our client, not them. 
  • You will not be alone, and as we will have done an excellent initial job, you will receive all the help needed to face the difficulty.

100% Competence

  • At Insurance Solutions, we have combined experience as insurance brokers & advisors of more than 40 years in the New Zealand market.
  • We will put all our competency and experience into your service from the very first day to offer you an outstanding and guaranteed service. 
  • So, contact us today and get a free insurance quote!

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More than 25 Personal and Business Insurance Solutions 

Personal Solutions

  • Wide range of personalised insurance solutions to protect You and your Family, as well as your Assets & Lifestyle. 
  • Let us help you find your Personal Insurance Solutions and invest in peace of mind.

Business Solutions

  • What happens when a Director / Key Person / Shareholder dies, becomes disabled, retires or just has enough!?
  • Business Protection Plan: Safeguard the future of your business.
  • Life Insurance
  • Life Income Cover
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Funeral Plan Insurance
  • Legacy Gift Plan
  • Income Protection
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Hospital Cash Insurance
  • Mortgage Repayment Insurance
  • Household Expenses Insurance
  • Premium Cover
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Severe Trauma Insurance
  • Total & Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Specifics Conditions Insurance
  • Terminal Illness Insurance
  • Loss of Revenue Cover
  • Business Premium Cover
  • Ownership Buyout Cover
  • Loss of Key Person Cover
  • Business Premium Cover
  • Life Insurance for Key People
  • Trauma Insurance for Key People
  • Severe Trauma Insurance for Key People
  • Total & Permanent Disability Insurance for Key People

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