Legacy Gift Insurance

What we do only for ourselves dies with us. Leaving a legacy allows us to live on in what we do for others. The Legacy Gift Insurance will enable you to make a meaningful contribution to your favourite charitable cause(s) when you pass away, allowing you to make a significant difference without needing to commit today’s capital, and with certainty that your wishes cannot be challenged. It is essential to have a well respected, substantial and independent partner ensuring your wishes are complied with – Perpetual Guardian is that perfect partner.

One of the key advantages of the Partners Legacy Gift Plan is the way it is designed and delivered, in conjunction with Perpetual Guardian, to give you control and certainty over your legacy.

Your Partners Legacy Gift Plan will include a record of your Wishes, held by Perpetual Guardian, which outlines your choice of charitable causes to benefit from the policy proceeds. The policy is uniquely designed to pay the amount you select directly to Perpetual Guardian’s charitable foundation in the event of your death, bypassing your Estate and guaranteeing that the claim proceeds will be delivered to the charitable cause of your choice.

Of course, until a claim becomes payable, you will remain completely in control of your Partners Legacy Gift Plan and can amend it at any stage should your charitable intentions change.

Partners Legacy Gift Plan allows you to achieve a significant fixed lump sum contribution to the charitable cause(s) of your choice without tying up a significant amount of your current capital. With the only requirement being payment of the regular premium, you are only committing to a small ongoing expense rather than setting aside a large sum of money to satisfy your desire to leave a legacy.

Your premium commitment is guaranteed upfront, and will remain unchanged until you reach age 80. Cover can continue after age 80, but premiums will then increase with age each year.

To ensure the Perpetual Guardian Foundation will have certainty that claims proceeds can be paid out as efficiently as possible, it is essential that Partners Life is able to accurately assess your current health when you apply for a Partners Legacy Gift Plan. No-one wants your chosen charities to be exposed to potential nondisclosure complications at claim time, so to eliminate this risk and minimise claims processing times, Partners Life will obtain your up to date medical records when assessing your application.

Partners Legacy Gift Plan is all about enabling you to give back to a good cause – something both Partners Life and Perpetual Guardian strongly believe in, which is why Partners Life will also donate an amount equivalent to 5% of every Partners Legacy Gift Plan premium we receive after the first policy anniversary to the Perpetual Guardian Foundation.

Partners Legacy Gift Plan is designed for charitable purposes. Neither you, your family or any business partners or any other acquaintances can benefit from it. If you need Life Cover or any other insurance to take care of you, your family or any other person’s needs, additional insurance other than Partners Legacy Gift Cover will be necessary and you should contact your adviser for appropriate advice.er

This overview is a marketing document that highlights a number of the key features of Specific Condition Cover. The full terms and conditions that apply to those features and to the overall Partners Protection Plan are detailed in the Specific Condition Cover Protection Benefit Sheet and Partners Protection Plan Policy Document available from your adviser