Severe Trauma Insurance

Severe Trauma Insurance provides a lump-sum payment should you suffer one of the Covered Conditions. The Covered Conditions are by nature severe and potentially life-threatening and, as a result, can have a significant financial impact. Severe Trauma Cover is designed to help alleviate this economic impact. The lump-sum can help reduce debt, purchase specialised equipment, pay for home modifications, provide additional care, create an investment fund to generate ongoing income, or enable business ownership to be restructured, among other things. The purpose of the funds is entirely yours to decide.

While Trauma Cover’s exhaustive list of Covered Conditions, including diagnosis and partial payments for less severe conditions provides an excellent level of protection, we recognise it can also be quite expensive. By focussing on covering conditions only once the impact is severe and will have the biggest impact on your way of life and ability to earn an income, it has been possible for Partners Life’s Severe Trauma Cover to be priced significantly cheaper than standard Trauma Cover.

Severe Trauma Cover offers the majority of the same conditions as Trauma Cover, and most with identical criteria, while some conditions such as cancer, heart attack and stroke require a greater level of severity before a claim would be paid. There are also some additional conditions under Severe Trauma Cover which are not specifically covered under Trauma Cover, such as severe congestive cardiac failure, for example.

Severe Trauma Cover works best when combined with Trauma Cover to provide a severity-based insurance solution. Smaller payments can be made for less severe events under Trauma Cover, while suffering a Severe Trauma Condition will almost always result in both the Trauma Cover sum insured and Severe Trauma Cover sum insured being paid

You have the choice to select Accelerated Severe Trauma Cover, which means in the event of a claim all or part of your Life Cover sum insured is paid out. Alternatively you can select Standalone Severe Trauma Cover which pays a lump sum and does not reduce any other cover you might have. Accelerated Severe Trauma Cover is less expensive than Standalone Severe Trauma Cover.

Yearly Stepped – Your premiums are based on your current age and sum insured and are adjusted each year on your policy anniversary.

You have automatic Severe Trauma Cover of $50,000 for each of your children, from 4 months old until their 19th birthday, which is payable in addition to your Severe Trauma Cover. This cover can then be converted into their own Severe Trauma Cover without medical assessment within 90 days of your child’s 19th birthday.

Those Covered Conditions marked ♦ below have a more severe definition than the same condition under Trauma Cover. Those marked ● are conditions unique to Severe Trauma Cover

Alzheimer’s Disease ♦

Advanced AIDS ●

Aplastic Anaemia

Blindness l Cancer ♦


Chronic Kidney Failure

Chronic Liver Failure

Chronic Lung Failure

Cognitive Impairment ●

Coma ♦

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Deafness ♦ l Dementia ♦



Heart Attack ♦

Intensive Care ♦

Loss of Independent Existence

Loss of Limb and Sight

Loss of Limbs

Loss of Speech

Major Burns

Major Head Trauma

Meningitis and/or Meningococcal Disease

Motor Neurone Disease ♦

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy ♦

Organ Transplant

Paralysis (Paraplegia, Quadriplegia,

Diplegia, Tetraplegia and Hemiplegia)

Parkinson’s Disease ♦

Peripheral Neuropathy

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension ♦

Severe Congestive Cardiac Failure ●

Severe Peripheral Vascular Disease ●

Stroke ♦

Systemic Sclerosis

Terminal Illness (standalone only)

Optional Covered Condition: Total and Permanent Disability (own occupation only).

If you have been working overseas for more than 3 months when you suffer a Severe Trauma Covered Condition and you wish to return home, your Severe Trauma Cover includes a Return To Home Benefit which will reimburse you for the costs of bringing yourself and a companion home to New Zealand (up to certain limits).

If your recommended treatment has to happen outside of your residential region, then your Severe Trauma Cover includes a Support Person Accommodation and Transport Costs Benefit which will reimburse you for up to 10 days accommodation costs and all transport costs for your support person (up to certain limits).

If you or your family would like assistance with managing the proceeds of a Severe Trauma Cover claim, your Severe Trauma Cover provides a Financial and Legal Advice Benefit which reimburses the costs of a financial planner and/or lawyer up to a maximum of $2,500, which is payable in addition to your Severe Trauma Cover

Partners Life recognises there are a number of special events which can trigger a need to increase your Severe Trauma Cover. The Special Events Increase Benefit allows your Severe Trauma Cover sum insured to be increased (certain restrictions and limits apply) without further health assessment for the following special events:

  • Marriage or civil union
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Becoming full-time carer for a dependent relative
  • Birth or adoption of a child l Taking out or increasing a mortgage
  • Purchasing a residential property, residential investment property, vacation home or bare residential land
  • A dependent child starting full-time tertiary study
  • An increase in annual salary
  • Death or Terminal Illness of a spouse, defacto partner or civil union partner
  • Every 5th policy anniversary

Selecting to include an own occupation TPD definition to the list of Covered Conditions further expands the cover provided under this Severe Trauma Cover.

In addition to the increase options under the Special Events Increase Benefit and automatic inflation adjustments, you can also purchase a Future Insurability Option which allows further increases to your Severe Trauma Cover sum insured each year without further assessment (up to certain limits).

You can purchase an additional Life Cover Buy Back Option which allows you to reinstate any Life Cover which is reduced by an Accelerated Severe Trauma claim, provided the life assured survives 6 or 12 months (depending on the covered condition) following the claim. You can also purchase an additional Severe Trauma Cover Buy Back Option which allows you to repurchase the Severe Trauma Cover that has been claimed, provided the life assured survives 12 months following the claim.

To ensure your Severe Trauma Cover can continue to deliver the same real value to you as when you first purchased it, your Severe Trauma Cover sum insured will automatically increase by inflation adjustment each year and so will your premiums. These increases apply irrespective of any changes to your health after your Severe Trauma Cover starts. You also have an option to set a minimum inflation rate of 5% so even when the inflation rate falls below this level your Severe Trauma Cover sum insured will still increase by 5%. You can choose to decline any increase in any given year without losing the automatic increase in following years, so you really have the best of both worlds – automatic rights to increase with no obligation to do so.

Partners Life goes so much further than paying lip service to the way in which we will manage claims. Our intention to manage claims fairly and ethically, irrespective of what the law might allow us to do as a life insurer, is a legally binding promise. We have included our commitment to our claims philosophy into our policy wordings – so we are contractually obliged to behave this way – and we wouldn’t have it any other way

Partners Life is passionate about sharing the value we create over time with you. Rather than solely focusing on incentivising new customers to join, we also want to reward clients who are loyal to us. Your Partners Protection Plan includes an increasing Loyalty Premium Discount over time to your Severe Trauma Cover premium. So you can take comfort that you will pay increasingly less for your Severe Trauma Cover than new clients to the company will. The discounts that apply start from the 2nd anniversary and increase each year by 1% until reaching 10%.

A premium holiday is available to you to provide financial relief during difficult times without losing your valuable cover. In the tragic event that you lose a spouse or child, are made redundant or bankrupt or are forced to leave work to care for a relative who has become dependent on you due to ill health, your Partners Protection Plan provides up to 6 months of free Severe Trauma Cover, while you rearrange your financial affairs. Alternatively your premiums and cover may be suspended for up to 12 months if you need temporary financial relief due to overseas travel, parental leave, extended periods of leave without pay or even if you decide to embark on some full-time study. At the end of the suspension period you can restart your Severe Trauma Cover without being reassessed.

Partners Life guarantees to automatically apply any future enhancements we make to the Severe Trauma Cover to your policy, provided there is no additional premium required for those enhancements.

Your Severe Trauma Cover is valid wherever you may be in the world.

This overview is a marketing document that highlights a number of the key features of Severe Trauma Cover. The full terms and conditions that apply to those features and to the overall Partners Protection Plan are detailed in the Severe Trauma Cover Protection Benefit Sheet and Partners Protection Plan Policy Document available from your adviser.